Healing Properties of Corn Silk

Healing Properties of Corn Silk

Corn Silk

Corn Silk

Corn silk is a soothing, relaxing diuretic and a wonderful remedy for acute inflammation and irritation of the genito-urinary system, such as cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis. Corn silk is particularly useful for calming bladder irritation and infection in children. Corn silk clears toxins, catarrh, deposits and irritants out of the kidneys and bladder, and has a gentle antiseptic and healing action. Corn silk makes a good remedy for frequency of urination and bedwetting due to irritation or weakness of the urinary system, and has been used for urinary stones and gravel.

By reducing fluid retention in the body, corn silk may help reduce blood pressure, and by aiding elimination of toxins and wastes from the body corn silk may relieve gout and arthritis, and act as a gentle detoxifying remedy.

Corn silk’s healing and soothing properties are helpful for relieving skin irritation and inflammation and for healing wounds and ulcers.

Chronic cystitis can be relieved with corn silk and it is a useful adjunct to other treatments for acute cystitis.

Gonorrhea – Naturopaths have used corn silk tea in the treatment of Gonorrhea and all catarrhal conditions of the urinary passage.

Chinese remedy – In China, corn silk is used to treat fluid retention and jaundice.

Other medical uses – it is also used to treat TMJ (TMD).


Arteriosclerosis, Bedwetting, Bladder Problems, Blood Pressure (high), Cholesterol, Cystic Irritation, Cystitis, Dropsy, Edema, Gonorrhea, Heart Trouble, Jaundice, Kidney Problems, Kidney Stones, Malaria, Obesity, Prostate Problems, Renal Cystitis, Urinary Tract (inflammation), Urination (painful)

Topical problems and skin irritations as well as inflammation can also be treated effectively and benefit from the corn silk’s healing and soothing abilities – as an external or topical treatment, the corn silk is also excellent for rapidly healing wounds and all types of ulcers affecting the skin.

The corn silk also helps in the quick detoxification and rapid elimination of all accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes in the body – due to this, the remedy aids in relieving the symptoms of gout and disorders associated with arthritis. As a remedy, it is considered to have a thorough but gentle detoxifying effect on the body.


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