How to Make Compost Tea

How to Make Compost Tea

Compost in any form is a plant’s idea of gourmet health food. Made into tea, it’s the ideal liquid fertilizer, especially for young plants. Compost tea helps plants grow stronger and more productive and, evidence suggests it can protect against disease.

  • Fill a metal bucket one-third full of finished compost.
  • Add water to the top of the bucket.
  • Let the mixture steep for three to four days.
  • Strain the mixture through cheesecloth or other porous fabric into another container.
  • Add any remaining solids to the garden or return them to the compost bin.
  • Dilute the remaining liquid with water so it’s the color of weak tea.
  • Apply compost tea according to each plant’s requirements. For best results, work early in the morning or on cloudy days.

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