Welcome to Of the Harvest‘s blog!

My name is Delia and I am the owner/CEO/product supervisor/ candy maker/crafty creator/dishwasher/ janitor, etc., etc., at Of the Harvest!

I love making candy and have been doing it for many years. With the nudging and encouragement of some very dear friends and customers, I decided to jump into the cyber world and offer my candies (and much more) to the masses!!!  Of the Harvest.com was born in November and continues to grow and be a source of love and fun, daily.

Of the Harvest’s Candies  are ALL NATURAL, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. No MSG.  No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I use Natural  ingredients like:  Organic Honey, Raw Sugar, Spring Water, Pure & Organic Food extracts and/or oils.

My focus is on putting out a great quality product, not on fancy and expensive packaging. The fancier the packaging, the higher the cost of the product would be and that’s not cool with me.

All shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail. Whenever I turn over the packages to the postal service, it feels like turning my child over to a babysitter! I have to trust the postal service employee’s  to handle my packages with care and deliver them to their destination in great shape!

Taste the sweeter side of Nature! Come on over to Of the Harvest!


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